Introducing TripList,

The Packing List App

Make once, use forever

Create as many packing lists as you need for your individual trips, then re-use them over and over again.

Cloud sync

Create a list on your iPad and check off items on the go with your iPhone.  We make it easy to get your packing lists on all of your devices.


TripList can check your TripIt account on startup for new trips.  When a new trip is detected, TripList will prompt you to create a new list or use an existing one.

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You’ve worked hard to create your packing lists, why trust them to just any app?  TripList can automatically backup your lists daily, weekly or on-demand.  TripList can even upload a copy of your data to Dropbox for safekeeping.


TripList has a ton of customizable features.  Change backgrounds and colors to suit your personality.

Multiple users

TripList was designed to help get your entire family packed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Easily maintain separate packing lists within a single trip.



TripList is available for download in the iOS App Store.