Introducing TripList 4,

The ultimate packing list app.

Business Trips

TripList is the perfect companion for business travelers, whether heading to a conference or to your weekly meeting.


Create a list for your vacation and make sure you don’t forget the important things.


Hitting the road?  Create a list, pack your bags, load the car and don’t forget the snacks.

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We have lots of great outdoor items built into our items catalog, whether you are heading to the beach or up in the mountains, don’t forget to organize your trip with us.


Cruisers welcome. Use TripList and the hardest part of your trip will be deciding exactly where you want to go.

Shopping & To-Do

TripList isn’t only for trips.  Create lists for Grocery Shopping, Todo and other miscellaneous tasks.

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Built-in catalog

Customizable items catalog

Can’t think of anything to pack? Not to worry. TripList includes a built in catalog with over 250 individual items. Add, edit and customize the items catalog as much as you would like.
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iCloud sync

Sync lists across multiple devices.

It’s never been easier to create lists and share them with your other devices. Create your list on your iPad and use your iPhone or iPod touch to check off your items. Or perhaps the other way around?  Either way, we have you covered with iCloud.
3rd Party Support

TripIt Integration

TripList automatically checks your TripIt account for changes and prompts you to create a list when it detects a new one.

TripIt® is a registered trademark of Concur Technologies, Inc. and is not affiliated with TripList.

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Handle your data

Export & Import

Do you prefer making your lists on a computer or other device? TripList contains powerful import and export capabilities.  Export your lists in CSV or Plaintext, quickly and easily.  You can even create a custom items catalog and import it directly into TripList.
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Get things done

Smart Suggestions

TripList isn’t just pretty, it’s also smart. When you add an item that requires an action, such as booking a hotel, TripList automatically places a button next to the item. You can use this button to get recommendations for booking a flight, hotel or cruise. You can even search the web for an item directly from your list.
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Multiple user support

A list for everyone

TripList supports multiple users. Create a list and switch between different users quickly and easily.


TripList is available for free with optional in-app purchase for PRO features.